Hand Crafted, Limited Production, Bordeaux Wines

Alma Sol is a family-owned and operated, micro-boutique winery, sourcing premium fruit from unique, quality vineyard sites in California, with a special interest and focus on the beautiful Paso Robles appellation. From the very beginning, our mission has been to craft exceptional Bordeaux wines, both single varietals and special blends. We hand-pick the grapes in small lots, respect the fruit, guide its natural potential, and simply focus on hands-on, artisanal winemaking. Alma Sol Winery tasting room is in Thousand Oaks, CA. 


Blessed is the person who has earned the love of a Dachshund

Bernie and Wiley 

Bernie and Wiley are the loves of our lives. They have supported us from the beginning. They are the life and soul of Alma Sol.  These two loving rescue dachshunds have supported Alma Sol from its conception. They are the inspiration and life blood of what we do. 

John has only known dachshunds his whole life. Born in to a dachshund family, John has had several loving companions through his life thus far. When Lisa came to know John, she was introduced immediately to the dachshund lifestyle. Since that time, they have raised and loved these two loving, wonderful dogs

Bernie, a miniature red long hair dachshund had come from an abusive family. Bernie is a people person, a lover, a cuddler, a licker. Bernie lives his life to love.  Today, Bernie is just shy of his 19th birthday. He spends most of his time sleeping and waiting for his parents to pick him up and love him

Wiley, a miniature black and tan dapple dachshund had come from a breeding farm. Wiley only knew dogs and cages before he came to the family. Wiley did not trust humans, would not look anyone in the eye, and only wanted to be around other animals. Although a loving, innocent, shy boy, he was a hunter that deep down inside only wanted love and compassion. After 10 years, Wiley flourished and became the boy he always wanted to be. For six more years, Wiley lived an amazing, fun, adventurous and loving life. He never ceased to amaze us at how he could grow and become more and more loving and open. Wiley fell ill two years ago and died just 36 hours later.  Wiley left a hole in our hearts but a warm, loving memory that will never pass. 

18 years later, we felt that Bernie and Wiley deserved their own bottling of Alma Sol wine. They have given us so much and we wanted to give them something back in return. 

This wine is in honor of not only Bernie and WIley but to all those dachshunds, past and present, that have filled our lives with love, fun, warmth and memories. This wine is for the families that support and love their dachshund friends. 

2014 B&W Red Wine, Paso Robles 

Our 2014 B&W Red Wine is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Malbec. This wine was aged for 27 months in 100% French oak, 50% of which was new. The Cabernet Sauvignon comes from our Cuevas Estate Vineyard, located in San Miguel, Paso Robles. The Malbec comes from the Burbank Ranch Vineyard, located in the Templeton Gap, also in Paso Robles.  We produced just two barrels (46 cases, or 500 bottles) of this exquisite wine. Alma Sol produces high quality, small production lots of wine, made to enjoy today or to age for years to come.  


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